COVID19 : Information
Le régime AGS se mobilise afin de soutenir les entreprises en difficulté et leurs salariés impactés par la crise Covid-19.
Pour en savoir plus sur les mesures mise en Ɠuvre par l’AGS, consultez notre FAQ.
consultez notre FAQ.

Our partners

As genuine player in receivership proceedings, The french insolvency fund AGS participates with its partners in discussions around the role of the parties in receivership procedures, impacts of new legislative developments on its missions, etc.

National day of lawyers

Organised every two years by the Délégation Unédic AGS, the national day of lawyers (JNA, French acronym) brings together all lawyers of the DUA and key personalities to exchange their thoughts on the technical issues of the law of receivership proceedings and aimed at reinforcing collective efficiency to better serve and defend the interests of the wage guarantee scheme and its beneficiaries.

Partnership ans exchanges with the CNAJMJ and IFPPC

Regular exchanges with the French national council of judicial administrators and representatives (Conseil National des Administrateurs Judiciaires et Mandataires Judiciaires (CNAJMJ)) and the French institute of practitioners of receivership proceedings (Institut Français des Praticiens des Procédures Collectives (IFPPC)) help to optimize the work of the employees of the DUA management centres and of each participant in the receivership proceedings.

Cooperation with the CNAJMJ: The CNAJMJ, or Conseil National des Administrateurs Judiciaires et des Mandataires Judiciaires, is the regulatory authority for judicial administrators, receivers and judicial representatives. The AGS contributes to CNAJMJ work groups examining employment law issues affecting companies in difficulty. These sessions enable the DUA to put forward proposals and share its thoughts and findings on topics that are of interest to both bodies, and on the problems they both face, at a national and a local level. The objective is to put solutions in place to ensure action taken is effective, efficient and of the highest quality.

Economic observatory: The DUA also participates in the CNAJMJ’s work group on the creation of an economic observatory. This cooperation offers the opportunity to compare the statistical sources at the disposal of justice representatives, on one hand, and the DUA on the other. It will in particular allow the use of the same extraction criteria. This observatory is aimed at producing highly accurate data on the difficulties of companies and on the impact of receivership or liquidation proceedings in terms of jobs.