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Our vocation

Created at the initiative of employers, in the name of inter-professional solidarity, the french insolvency fund, AGS, assists employees and employers involved in a receivership process.

This scheme was set up to compensate the shortcomings of employee protection resulting from three factors:

  • The length of time required for liquidation proceedings
  • The existence of claims with priority over certain wage claims
  • The financial limits imposed by available funds

Globalization of the economy, appearance of transnational bankruptcy cases, unstable economic cycle, assertion of a European right in the event of corporate insolvency
 since several years now, the AGS has been anticipating the changes in its environment and the increased importance of European issues in its scope of activity.

In an unstable environment, the social role of AGS is becoming increasingly important. It seems necessary to focus our efforts on pre-empting and the preventive treatment of the company’s difficulties with the goal of: facilitating the receivership proceedings of companies and protect jobs.