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Meetings and exchanges

The AGS scheme, a committed player in collective proceedings

Cooperation and partnerships in the service of collective proceedings

Meetings are organised on a regular basis on national and local levels with all partners in receivership proceedings as well as with all participants upstream and downstream of the procedure.
At these meetings, the representatives of the Délégation AGS distribute to a large audience information about the activity of the wage guarantee scheme such as the statistic consolidation of bankruptcy effects or new developments in judicial decisions.
The purpose of these meetings is to develop exchanges on technical subjects of insolvency law and to reinforce the common efficiency at the service of the beneficiaries.

Dialogue and exchanges

The AGS scheme intervenes within the framework of consultation and cooperation with actors present in its field of intervention to provide responses adapted to the challenges of collective procedures, thus strengthening its partnership links at the regional, national and European levels.

Training and information initiatives

Due to its expertise, the AGS intervenes in professional or academic conferences and helps to moderate training sessions and exchange meetings organised for magistrates, top civil servants, employment tribunal members, academics, jurists and more generally, parties to the receivership proceedings. During these exchanges, it contributes to collective thoughts about changes to the legal, economic and social context of procedures.