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Our organization

The operational missions of the AGS are carried out by the DĂ©lĂ©gation UnĂ©dic AGS network, which covers the entire French territory. It is organised into a National Direction and 15 Management and Study Centers (CGEA - Centre de Gestion et d’Etude AGS).

The Management and Study Centers provide local cover, and work closely with the various actors in the receivership process to harmonise processing and the coordination of actions at a national level.

The national Direction

It is responsible for the global management of the Délégation Unédic AGS structures... :

  • Coordination, to ensure uniform management at every level of the organization ;
  • Monitoring, by means of budgetary management and tracking the outcome of AGS missions ;
  • Technical advice and support with legal issues and the setting of AGS strategy ;
  • Liaison with AGS bodies ;

...and maintains an on-going dialogue with all the professional and social actors :

  • Cooperation with national partners ;
  • Dialog with public authorities ;
  • Promotion of awareness amongst all those involved in the receivership process ;
  • Informing through the publication of legal documents and exclusive statistical data.

The AGS Management and Study Centers (CGEAs)

The mission of the CGEAs is the operational fulfillment of the three missions of managing advances,
recovery and disputes through :

  • Providing the funds required by judicial representatives to settle wage claims;
  • Defending the legal interests of the wage guarantee scheme;
  • Maximizing reimbursement of the sums advanced;
  • Representing the AGS in its contact with judicial representatives, lawyers, third parties and jurisdiction registries.