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Cognix Systems
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Content purpose and quality
The purpose of this website is to provide the general public, business users and the media with information. AGS strives to provide high-quality, checked and verified information. Nevertheless, if any of the information provided appears inaccurate or contains a typographical error, please notify the website administrator.

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The AGS reserves the right to ban links that may be prejudicial to its image.

In particular links from websites containing controversial, pornographic or xenophobic content are prohibited
Generally, any link established from another site to the site should clearly indicate to the internet user that he or she is being redirected to the website.

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The information published on this site is general in nature.
It is not complete and may change without prior notice.

Copyright - Reproduction right
The entire website is regulated by French and international law with respect to copyright and intellectual property.

The AGS owns this site and all its constitutive elements.

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Furthermore, this website is protected as a data base pursuant to the provisions of articles L.341-1 et seq. of the intellectual property code. Therefore, it is expressly forbidden to:
Substantially extract, through permanent or temporary transfer, in whole or in part, qualitatively or quantitatively the website on another medium through any means and in any form whatsoever.
Reuse, through the provision to the public of a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part or entire content of the website, regardless of the form. The systematic extraction or reuse of non substantial qualitative or quantitative parts of the content of the website where these operations clearly exceed the site’s normal conditions of use

Any unauthorised use of the websites elements will be prosecuted.

The trademarks and logos of AGS and of the Délégation Unédic AGS shown on this website cannot be reproduced without the prior consent of AGS (article L.713-2 of the intellectual property code).

Any imitation of the trademark and logos of AGS, the Délégation Unédic AGS and its partners is strictly prohibited.
Any breach to the trademark property right shall be considered as counterfeiting and the perpetrator shall be held liable (article L.716-1 of the aforementioned code).

Breaches to the automated data systems
Any breach to the automated data processing systems (articles 323-1 et seq. of the criminal code) will be prosecuted by the AGS.