COVID19 : Information
Le régime AGS se mobilise afin de soutenir les entreprises en difficulté et leurs salariés impactés par la crise Covid-19.
Pour en savoir plus sur les mesures mise en Ɠuvre par l’AGS, consultez notre FAQ.
consultez notre FAQ.

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Our missions

Pursuant to the provisions of a management agreement between AGS and Unedic, the assignments entrusted by the legislator to AGS have been implemented since 1996 by the Délégation Unédic AGS.

Together with the AGS organizations, the Délégation Unédic AGS is responsible for 3 fundamental missions :

The fastest-possible payment of advances on the amounts due

The Délégation Unédic AGS provides judicial representatives with the funds required to quickly pay salary debts.

It intervenes in case the company is in receivership or liquidation or sometimes, under certain conditions, in protection proceedings.

Recoveries, to contribute to balancing the guarantee scheme

Recovering the funds advanced on the basis of monitoring of protection proceedings, receivership proceedings and the liquidation of company assets within the context of judicial liquidations.

Disputes, to safeguard the interests of the guarantee scheme when a claim is rejected

Defending the legal interests of the scheme in all jurisdictions: employment tribunals, appeal courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal, commercial courts and official receivers.

Centralizing these missions within the same entity under a single management structure encourages the harmonization of procedures, the standardization of processes and the coordination of actions and relationships with all those involved in the receivership process.

As a participant in the receivership process, it acts on the basis of achieving four fixed objectives :

  • to adapt to all legal, social and economic developments
  • to optimize the processes involved in handling cases and providing
  • information to all those involved
  • to improve the quality of service provided to beneficiaries
  • to maintain the financial balance of the guarantee scheme