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The basics

The Wage Guarantee Scheme

The french insolvency fund, the Association for the management of employee claims (AGS, French acronym), is an employer organization founded on solidarity with companies and financed by their contributions.

It intervenes in case the company is in receivership or liquidation or sometimes, under certain conditions, in protection proceedings. It guarantees the payment, as rapidly as possible, of the sums owed to employees (wages, notices, severance pays, etc.) in accordance with the terms set by the French labour code.

The Délégation Unedic AGS

AGS has entrusted the Délégation Unédic AGS (DUA) with the operational management of the guarantee scheme. The DUA handles the compensation of employees at the request of Justice representatives, through CGEA operational centres.

Together with the AGS organizations, the Délégation Unédic AGS :

  • Provides the funds required by justice representatives to settle wage claims
  • Recovers the sums advanced on the basis of monitoring protection proceedings, receivership proceedings and the liquidation of company assets
  • Defends the legal interests of the guarantee scheme
  • Compiles the accounts for all transactions

Since the 1th January 2011, the Central agency of social security bodies (L’Agence centrale des organismes de SĂ©curitĂ© sociale , or Acoss) is in charge of collecting and crediting contributions from companies.