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Our background

Our background

Creation of the wage guarantee scheme

The AGS (Association pour la Gestion du régime de Garantie des créances des Salariés) was created early 1974 as a solution to employee protection requirements.
The bankruptcy of LIP, a business corporation, marked a decisive point towards the creation of the employee wage guarantee scheme. That key event raised awareness in the working world to the absence of protection for employees in the event of bankruptcy, giving rise to an employer initiative to implement a protection scheme.
François CEYRAC, Chairman of the French National Employers’ Association (CNPF, now renamed MEDEF) in 1973, played a decisive role by mooting the idea of social protection for employees in the event of bankruptcy of their employers.
The AGS was created, in application of the law of 27 December 1973, by the CNPF, the CGPME (Confederation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises) and the CNMCCA (Confédération Nationale de la Mutualité de la Coopération du Crédit Agricole). After its creation, the AGS assigned the operational management of the guarantee scheme to Unédic through a management mandate.

Case-driven Management

In its desire for constant improvement, the Délégation Unédic AGS rolled out its business plan in 2004: Case-driven Management.
This approach is based on the development of a participative management method and the individualized monitoring of each case, aimed at promoting a comprehensive approach to each case taking account of the social, legal and economic dimensions.
The goal is to reinforce the quality of service through simplification of procedures, responsiveness and enhanced processing reliability, while optimizing the management of recoveries and disputes.

A new organisation

DUA’s new organisation has been operational since 1 July 2013, and reflects its ambition to develop expertise within a network dynamic. The objective is to provide partners, companies in difficulty and their employees with services that are adapted to the changing economic, social and legal environment.
The National Directorate has replaced the National Delegation. It comprises the Support departments and the new Network, which replaces the previous Regional Delegations. Central support services have been reinforced. Centres of expertise have been created to develop skills and simplify circuits with the Network. The single national Network consists of 15 operational sites and the Network Departments.

Anticipate and meet the challenges of tomorrow

Globalization of the economy, appearance of transnational bankruptcy cases, unstable economic cycle, assertion of European legislation in the event of corporate insolvency
 since several years now, the AGS has been anticipating the changes in its environment and the increased importance of European issues in its scope of activity.
In an unstable environment, the social role of AGS is becoming increasingly important. It seems necessary to focus our efforts on pre-empting and the preventive treatment of the company’s difficulties with the goal of facilitating the receivership proceedings of companies and protecting jobs.

A new course

A new course and a new strategy for the AGS scheme, based on 5 pillars: ethics, quality, people, identity and openness to partners.

Creation of the Delegation Unedic AGS

The reform of 1 September 1996 marked a break in the management of the wage guarantee scheme and resulted in the creation of the DĂ©lĂ©gation UnĂ©dic AGS (DUA), a UnĂ©dic institution totally dedicated to exercising the management mandate. Since 1996, the technical and financial management of the AGS has been in the hands of a dedicated institution: the DĂ©lĂ©gation UnĂ©dic AGS.

It works alongside AGS organizations to fulfil its 3 key missions of making advance payments, recovery and disputes.
In practical terms, this change means :

  • Greater efficiency in carrying out missions
  • Greater consistency in the application of texts and decisions
  • Stronger authority in dialogue with all stakeholders in the receivership proceedings.

Service quality commitments

2009 was a pivotal year in the development of the service strategy of Délégation Unédic AGS with the drafting of the quality standards and the deployment of service quality commitments. This approach involves the participation of each DUA employee as a progress achiever ready to provide better answers to the challenges of our missions and deliver quality services that are constantly tailored to the expectations of our partners in the receivership proceedings and the beneficiaries of the AGS guarantee.

‘Ambition 2013’ three-year plan

DUA’s ‘Ambition 2013’ corporate plan developed new areas for improvement in the services it provides for companies in difficulty, beneficiary employees and insolvency partners.
Previous three-year plans focused on organisational change and case management (2004 – 2006), and implementation of quality commitments (2007 – 2010).
DUA’s ‘Ambition’ plan (2011 – 2013) was built around four major projects aimed at modernising the AGS service, supported by four other projects focusing on organisational aspects and technical resources.